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Quttera Anti-Malware Monitoring & Alerting

Scan Website scanning engine is backed up with reliable infrastructure and it is undergoing harness tests to deliver exceptional performance

  • Internal Monitoring (FTP/ SFTP) - Server Side malware scanning
  • External Monitoring (HTTP/ HTTPS) - Client Side malware scanning
  • Scheduled & On-demand scan
  • DNS/ IP changes alerts to track DNS attacks
  • No Downloads, No Installation or Updates to manage

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Website Malware Detection by Quttera

Detect We are committed to innovation and consistently enhancing malware detection capabilities to give our customers effective tools against sophisticated and evolving web threats

  • Detect 0-day threats with non-signature based technology
  • Uncover traffic re-directs, malvertising, generic malware, security weaknesses exploits and other known and unknown online threats
  • Check blacklisting status
  • Receive instant notifications and malware reports

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Web Application Firewall by Quttera

Protect Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) blocks malicious visitors and requests from accessing your website.

  • Protect website from OWASP Top 10
  • Block traffic from known malicious sources
  • Protect from SQL injections, XSS, and other application layer attacks as well as unknown (zero-day) threats
  • Manage rules to adjust to your security needs
  • Patch security holes and harden the website

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Website Malware Removal by Quttera

Fix Our seasoned information security experts are right hands to be in when you face online attack

  • Pinpoint the problem faster with code snippets
  • Hacking recovery and business continuity
  • Online technical support 24/7 and malware removal by experts
  • Inform hosting provider or webmaster earlier if website has been compromised
  • Security Seal

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Customers Say

Quttera Customers | De Websmid
"Quttera helps us when it goes wrong. They assist us, when a hacker gets access to a particular website or webshop, by cleaning and monitoring. A hacked website can contain malware in several places, removing it is a specialist job. Quttera has assisted us several times successfully. In this way, we can live up to offering a total package of services for our customers." Mariola Smid, C.E.O., De Websmid agency | Professional Websites and Webshops

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