Malware Monitoring & Cleanup Plans For Websites

  • $119

    / year

    just $9.9 / month. Billed annually.

    just $9.9 / month.
    Billed annually.

  • 1 DOMAIN

  • Malware cleanup
  • Blacklist removal
  • 24/7 Expert support
  • $399

    / year

    just $6.65 / month per website. Billed annually.

    just $6.65 / month per website.
    Billed annually.

  • 2 - 5 DOMAINS

  • Malware cleanup
  • Blacklist removal
  • 24/7 Expert support
  • $599

    / year

    just $4.99 / month per website. Billed annually.

    just $4.99 / month per website.
    Billed annually.

  • 6 - 10 DOMAINS

  • Malware cleanup
  • Blacklist removal
  • 24/7 Expert support

Among supported platforms:

What our customers say:

I just started using the service of Quttera and can say I am amazingly pleased with the results. I had 2 different websites that were thoroughly infected with malware. I tried testing for malware on other sites and none of them registered a problem. Only Google and Quttera could recognize the issue at hand. What happened next was an introduction to fair pricing along with excellent customer service team who cleaned my sites within a 24 hour period. Then they actually took it upon themselves to get one of the sites off Google's blacklist. I am up and running while at the same time being monitored to prevent future issues. Very cool.

Anthony Campagna, Jump On It, Inc.

I am extremely happy with your prompt and professional service. My client was on Google's blacklist for four months even though the malicious code on her small business site was removed immediately after the incident. We tried and tried to contact Google and were ignored. Your team responded promptly and had everything back up and running within a matter of days.

Sabra Vidali,

Ghotit Dyslexia Software is engaged in development and sales of spelling and grammar correction software for children and adults with dyslexia. It's important for Ghotit that parents of the kids with dyslexia to enjoy a safe browsing of our site; this is particularly important since the web-site is used as a web-store to sell our dyslexia software.

"Zero-day protection" from malware is declared by many vendors whereas only Quttera is placing a real technology to deliver this promise. Since we are software people, we are understanding the revolutionary Quttera technology with examples at Quttera blog, and we are thankful for the daily scans and protection of our web-site.

Dr. Robert Iakobashvili, CTO Ghotit Dyslexia Ltd.

Found malware on my site,, downloaded the Quttera plugin which gave me a breakdown of affected pages. Simply asked for the team at Quttera to look into it, they then proceeded to remove ALL Malware within a few hours of initial notification! All I can say is a BIG THANK YOU!

Christian Koriati

Standard Features In Every Plan

  • No Page Limit
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • Initial response within 8 hours
  • Scan for known & unknown malware
  • External Monitoring (HTTP/ HTTPS) - Client Side malware scanning
  • Internal Monitoring (FTP/¬†SFTP) - Server Side malware scanning
  • Automated scans with email alerts - Daily, Hourly (Plan depending)
  • Uptime monitoring to alert upon down/up time of website
  • DNS/ IP monitoring to track DNS attacks and IP changes
  • Scan Seal
  • Re-scan anytime
  • Malware Cleanup and Blacklist Removal included in all annual subscription plans

    Secure Payment by

    Why do your customers care about website security?

    Your reputation is essential when gaining the trust of a prospect. It is crucial for a potential customer to be confident that you will handle their information securely before making a purchase or even sign up for a free service.

    When Google blacklists your website or Yahoo, or even when desktop anti-virus program blocks your site a potential customer will see a warning page when trying to visit your website. New Ipsos study of 20K+ internet users in 24 countries shows - 51% of the global internet users choose to not buy online because of the security and privacy concerns. (Source: 2017 CIGI-Ipsos Global Survey on Internet Security and Trust | Internet Governance & Jurisdiction ).

    Managing and mitigating your website security benefits both you and your customers. Having proper malware monitoring services in place provides one of the best Return On Investment for a business of any size.

    Why choose THREATSIGN! website anti-malware?

    As a trusted leader in website security with over 15 years of security expertise, Quttera's security team analyzes up to date web malware and remediate hacking attacks all around the world and ensures the highest customer support. Essential malware and blacklisting solution for your websites in one place

    Detect suspicious activity on your website at any time, 24/7, with the THREATSIGN! website monitoring. Real-time website malware scanning and instant notifications allow you to act quickly upon active threat detection. Enhanced THREATSIGN! user dashboard is designed to perform a periodic scan of the provided domain as well as an on-demand malware scan. You can login to your website malware monitoring dashboard from anywhere to get the security status of your website, customize your monitoring settings or see where the potential problem exists through our detailed report. Easily, with a click, assign one of our malware analysts to review your website files and remove malware.

    Effective and faster reaction, especially when it comes to new types of malware, is what will help you to avoid traffic loss, save money, establish trust and increase sales. At THREATSIGN! you have access to real security experts. Web malware and information security professionals are at your service to expedite blacklist removal, website malware cleanup, unblocking websites blocked by web hosting and ensure proper website protection is in place.

    How do you differ from other website malware scanners and malware clean-up services?

    Unlike other providers in the website malware scanning, Quttera utilizes its patented technology to detect web threats. Minimization of False-Positives and speeding up scan time are key parameters that majority of our competitors keep in mind when relying on common pattern-matching approach. We believe that this is not enough. That is why Quttera invests in enhancing and evolving code analysis technology that uncovers absolutely new and previously unknown infection. This allows our clients to stay on top of the hacker attacks and win time for remediation and fixes needed to get a business back online.

    How does malware cleanup work?

    A dedicated cyber-security professional is assigned to every customer, and he will lead the website malware removal process. The malware removal process is conducted remotely using FTP/HTTP/SFTP and via SSH. Malware cleanup is not completed without blacklisting removal. Hence once the site is clean we submit it for blacklist removal(reconsideration request) to all relevant authorities.

    To initiate the malware removal from your website, login into your THREATSIGN! user dashboard UI and fill in the Malware Removal Request form. Once submitted, the support ticket will be automatically created and one of our malware analysts will be assigned to it.

    Does Quttera work with my hosting provider?

    Yes, we do. We support and work with any hosting provider in the world (including virtual hosting providers such as a managed host).

    Malware monitoring & alerting capabilities of THREATSIGN! services

    Continuous website monitoring and periodic scans. Identification of suspicious and malicious activity using dynamic, non-signature based approach to the web malware. Constantly growing web-malware library based on data gathered from millions of domains being scanned globally. Self-learning mechanism improving the detection precision and quality. Low-cost compared to the similar services. Anti-malware monitoring dashboard UI to control your scan jobs.

    Avoid your website from being blacklisted.
    Detect zero-day attacks.
    Prevent traffic loss.
    Display Quttera Website Anti-malware Scan seal to build trust.
    Detect obfuscated JavaScript and malicious iframes.
    Protect visitors to your website from malware.
    Fully configurable malware monitoring dashboard.
    Instant alerts & professional security reports.

    Refund policy

    30 days money back guaranteed.

    For details please read our Terms of Service


    For help please contact helpdesk or visit forum.

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