Features & Benefits

Quttera Website Malware Scanner is a website security service that scans websites for malicious and suspicious activity. The Quttera Website Malware API provides real-time website malware monitoring and scanning that allow acting quickly upon active threat detection. Whether you are a hosting provider, web designer or IT professional looking to help customers in running a malware-free website, improve conversions and increase sales, Quttera has a program that can help you.

For API Plans & Prices: sales@quttera.com

Features and benefits

The Quttera Website Malware Scanner API program has different plans to enable business growth.


  • Detect attacks in real time without reference to a database
  • Real time scanning and monitoring
  • Query Quttera's database of already scanned URLs/domains
  • Detailed website scan and threat dump reports
  • Full multithreading and concurrent scan support


  • Zero-day threats or malware threat detections in real time without reference to a database
  • Simple integration via REST API that returns JSON (default), XML and YAML responses
  • Cloud-based website scanning and monitoring

Solution for Hosting and Website Management Companies

Hosting and website management companies offer tools and services required to host/manage site. However, such important layer as an anti-malware solution for websites is essential to provide comprehensive services for client site(s). Exponentially growing online threats, sophisticated hacking, and malvertising methods, and specific IT environments all make it difficult for hosting and website management companies to detect and remove malware fast.

We, at Quttera, acknowledge this, and that is why we have developed Web Malware Scanner REST API for Cloud Services and Applications to make integration fast and easy for any infrastructure. We found that businesses that have production website(s) prefer to collaborate with a single entity to both manage the site and operate the security measures. Having Quttera API in your hosting and/or website management company portfolio brings you the solution to web malware detection and allows to place the proper action in time against both external and internal threats.

For API Plans & Prices: sales@quttera.com

To learn more, please visit Web Malware Scanner REST API for Cloud Services and Applications 3.0 documentation (online version)


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