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The Quttera QFEED Datafeed is a service for users with query requirements such as registrars, ISPs, corporate networks and similar. It allows a query service to Quttera Lab's database of scanned domains/websites with their security status. Get access to structured data with malicious websites lists, suspicious web resources, and potentially suspicious URLs. Quttera's globally distributed data centers are continuously scanning the web for malware, aggregating the threat intelligence from the millions of URLs scanned monthly, and updating the data feed entries.

The QFEED is supplied as a yearly subscription, with a Service Level Agreement and Technical Support. To check the price for your organization or to apply for a service: sales@quttera.com

Report incorrect detection or false positive on helpdesk.quttera.com or send an email to support@quttera.com

Malware cleanup and black list removal


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Annual Website Malware Report 2016 | Quttera

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