Cleaning hacked website up under a time constraint made easy - pinpoint malware and suspicious activity faster with detailed code snippets. Find more information on potentially suspicious code, security issues and unauthenticated changes on your site, in one place.

Quttera offers its malware detection solution as hosted software services. This website security monitoring and malware alerting solution does not require setup, installation and maintenance. It can be accessed from any computer or mobile device through a web browser. We work with any hosting and Content Management Systems (CMS) out there.

Save time and resources with real time detection of shell-codes, obfuscated JavaScript, malicious iframes, traffic re-direct and broad spectrum of other online threats.

With THREATSIGN! website monitoring you can:

Prevent your website from getting blacklisted

Avoid malwertising and protect your reputation

Detect 0-day threats with non-signature based technology

Receive instant notifications and malware reports

Manage real-time & on-demand scan via user dashboard

Get help with malware removal from experts.

Daily Malware Scanning

THREATSIGN! is a daily scan of your website/domain content searching for signs of malicious or any other potentially suspicious activity on it. Malware scanner incorporates multi-layered threat analysis methods and operates on scanned objects effectively detecting possible online attack(s). Powered by Quttera's unique and sophisticated Malicious Content Detection engine and heuristic technology THREATSIGN! is continuously enhanced with Security Intelligence harvested from automated scanning of hundreds of thousands websites worldwide. This gives you an outstanding detection capabilities preventing your customers and your business from being infected by malware.

Every time THREATSIGN! scans your website, it performs in-depth analysis of your website content file by file. When the scan is finished the malware report is generated with code snippets of the detected threat.

User Dashboard

THREATSIGN! offers personal web malware monitoring dashboard UI which makes malware detection and website safety control easy and effective. With its SaaS interface malware scanning, alerting, analysis and report are fully configurable. From web browser you can view real-time malware and malicious links analysis, customize alerting, add files to "white-list", run on-demand malware scan of website(s) and much more.

Blacklist Monitoring

Success of any online business depends on trust and reputation. THREATSIGN! makes sure you retain these critical values by daily blacklisting check. We monitor that your website is not blacklisted by authorities like Google, Yahoo and Bing. In case the problem is discovered malware report will contain this information for you.

Instant Notifications

Blacklisting, reputation damage, traffic loss are just few unpleasant consequences of compromised website. THREATSIGN! user dashboard enables email notification mechanism allowing you to take action as quickly as you can.

Trust Seal

THREATSIGN! clients benefit from verified Website Anti-malware Scan certificate. For each of your clean sites THREATSIGN! generates the seal code automatically including date of the latest scan. When clicking the seal, visitor is presented with the information about website's security and its scan status.

Gain trust by showing that you perform daily malware check. Statistically proven that more sales and conversions occur on websites with secure seals. Give your visitors confidence that they can browse your site safely by placing Website Anti-Malware Scan seal.

Quttera Website Anti-Malware Monitoring Dashboard - ThreatSign!

THREATSIGN! dashboard UI screenshot.

Quttera ThreatSign Site Scan Report

THREATSIGN! site scan email report example.

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