Quttera Web Hosting Partners

  • Priorities
    Providing the best possible security to your customers should be a priority for every web hosting company. However, security concerns can end up taking a lot of your time. When you are fixing hacked websites, trying to convince your clients to stop using outdated or insecure scripts, or dealing with zero hour exploits, you are not spending time on providing your clients and customers with the best possible service.
  • Responsibility
    On top of that, any kind of compromise can slow down everyone's sites and cause downtime even for customers who's site has not been compromised. While not all problems are the hosting company's fault, they are still your responsibility.
  • Solutions
    Which means that you need a security solution that can help deliver web and IT security to your customers easily, using either on-premise or cloud-based solutions. You need solutions that are easy to both manage and implement, and which your customers are not likely to be tempted to turn off because they are finding them getting in the way of the things they need to do. Quterra's leading website security service, as well as our website malware scanner API, allows hosting providers to secure and protect their customers' sites from malware.
  • What can Quttera Help you Offer your Customers?
    Quttera can help you offer your customers industry-leading services including:
    • Website monitoring and malware detection services. Our malware scanner offers active threat detection which can detect attacks in real time, and is behavior based rather than relying on a database. This allows it to detect unpublished zero hour threats before they become a problem. It provides full scan and threat reports. Cloud-based scanning and monitoring help keep malware from compromising the scanning process itself.
    • Periodic blacklist monitoring and malware scanning. When malware is being distributed by a site, the site will be blacklisted by Google to help protect users. Blacklist monitoring tells you right away if your site had been blacklisted, allowing you to fix the problem.
    • Immediate malware remediation. The system will deal with most malware before your site can be blacklisted.
    • Ad link scanning. Policing the ads on your site helps you avoid serving malvertising and makes end users less likely to use an adblocker when visiting your site.
    Partners have two choices when it comes to implementing Quttera's solutions. You can co-brand the service on our servers or integrate our API into your own systems.
  • How Can Partnering with Quttera Help Attract Clients and Increase ROI?
    Partnering with Quttera can help you both attract new customers and increase the revenue you get from existing clients. You can either use Quttera's premium security services as a standard product to attract better customers or as a premium service to upsell, depending on the pricing tiers you offer. Premium website protection is a great way to get clients to upgrade from a basic or free service to your premium service. It is also useful during client onboarding in general.

    Additionally, Quttera offers malware removal and repair services, which you can promote to your clients if their site has been infected or damaged, or use yourself to outsource remediation so you can focus more on your core business.

    Finally, you can tell new customers, and even end users, that your platform is clean and is, as best as you can manage, not serving malware.
  • What Other Services does Quttera Offer to Partners?
    First of all, we are always looking for ideas for complementary products and technologies and commercial agreements. If you have an idea that falls outside our existing programs, then please send an email to contactus@quttera.com so we can discuss it.

    We also offer:
    • Website Malware Scanner API. This program allows you to use our API at different levels, designed to enable business growth without overburdening new businesses by forcing them to pay for features they might not yet need. However, it guarantees solid real-time scanning and monitoring to help you find and remediate threats before they become a problem.
    • Our QFEED data feed provides threat intelligence to customers who need to stay updated on domains, URLs, and their security status. Quttera constantly scans the web for malware and updates it quickly so that malicious sites are listed quickly but also allowing for sites to be removed quickly once the infection is dealt with.
    • An affiliation program offering high conversion rates and 30% commission for each sale. This is ideal for companies who want to refer their customers to us for malware remediation.
    • Our blog offers a variety of information on current threats and how to deal with them. We may be able to work with partners to ensure that the information they have discovered about threats can be rapidly shared with others, allowing the internet business community to deal with new malware quickly and easily.
    If you would like to partner with Quttera to outsource your website security monitoring and provide the best protection to your web hosting customers, then you should email sales@quttera.com or fill out our inquiry form.