DDoS Protection & Mitigation
DDoS attacks are one of the most common types of cyber attacks that can cause significant harm to websites and online businesses. These attacks are designed to overwhelm the targeted website with massive amounts of traffic from multiple sources, causing it to become unavailable to its users.

  • At Quttera, we understand the importance of maintaining your website's confidentiality, integrity, availability, and performance, which is why we offer robust DDoS protection and mitigation services.
  • Our automated system is designed to recognize attack patterns in advance, enabling it to block the attacks and mitigate them effectively.
  • We offer unmetered DDoS mitigation, which means that you do not have to worry about any additional charges or limitations on the amount of traffic we can mitigate for you.
  • Our system is capable of handling large-scale DDoS attacks and maintaining the availability of all your web assets.
High Cloud Infrastructure
We partner with well-known hardware and software manufacturers to ensure that our products have the highest quality and that our customers receive the best possible service.
Uncover the real threats
Our DDoS protection and mitigation system detects and mitigates both Layer 3/4 and Layer 7 events.
Filter Bot
We automatically filter malicious bots that could be used to launch DDoS attacks, ensuring that only legitimate traffic is allowed to your website.
Automated recognition & filtering of attacks
Our system is designed to handle volumetric and application layer attacks, the most common types of DDoS attacks. One of the most significant advantages of our system is that it can recognize attack patterns and react to specific types of attacks. This means that we can filter traffic for known attack patterns effectively, putting them through traffic scrubbing filters.
In summary, Quttera's DDoS protection and mitigation services provide comprehensive protection against large-scale DDoS attacks. Our automated system, combined with our partnerships with industry leaders and our expertise in recognizing attack patterns, ensures that your website is always available to your users.