The Quttera Software Development Kit (SDK) provides Software vendors, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Security Vendors and others with an easy way to integrate Quttera engine into their applications to maximize malware detection.

Quttera is committed to provide the latest technology to ensure our partner's detection rate remain extremely high.

By integrating the Quttera SDK into your products, you will gain an edge over your competition, create a stronger value proposition for new and existing customers and establish new revenue opportunities.

Features and benefits

The Quttera SDK has features that meet a broad range of platforms and operating systems.


  • Detect software vulnerability exploits
  • Detect known and unknown malware
  • Non signature-based, real time exploits detection
  • Full multi-threading and concurrent scan support (user can scan items using a single session or multiple sessions at different settings to optimize performance)
  • Detect attacks in real time without reference to a database


  • Zero day threats or malware threat detection in real time without reference to a database
  • Simple integration with almost any third-party application
  • Different SDK interaction points, such as: DLL, COM, client/server
  • Native support for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms (Windows and Linux)

For further information about Quttera SDK license or evaluation of the SDK:


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